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CSEC-732 Mobile Device Forensics

Tue, 02/18/2014 - 2:40pm -- gpltwc

Techniques and limitations related to the seizure and interrogation of a variety of digital devices will be explored. Various mobile phone and tablet platforms will be interrogated with the intent of gaining better access and understanding of the organization of data in the devices. The infusion of digital storage and identification devices such as MP3 players, RFID and tokens into our everyday lives requires the study of their weaknesses and forensic exploitability. As personal information is frequently gathered and stored on these devices, the loss of a device could adversely affect individuals and organizations. The examination, collection, and removal of such information will be studied. To be successful in this course students should be knowledgeable in basic networking, systems, and security technologies. Class 3, Credit 3 (Fall, Spring)