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Leonid Reznik
Professor - Extended Faculty

Phone: 585-475-7210
Office: GOL-3521

Leon Reznik is a Professor of Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology, New York. He received his BS/MS degree in Computer Control Systems in 1978 and a PhD degree in 1983. Prof. Reznik is an author of the textbook "Fuzzy Controllers" (Elsevier-Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, 1997) and an editor of "Fuzzy System Design: Social and Engineering Applications" (Physica Verlag, 1998), "Soft Computing in Measurement and Information Acquisition" (Springer, 2003), "Advancing Computing and Information Sciences" (Cary Graphic Arts Press, 2005).

Dr. Reznik's research concentrates on study and development of intelligent models and methods in computer, control, sensor systems and networks. He has pioneered a new direction where he is using neural networks and soft computing models in sensor networks. His techniques application allows for a significant increase in both effectiveness and efficiency of sensor and control systems and networks.