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The Bachelor of Science in Computing Security requires two 12 week co-op experiences. Co-op is short for co-operative education, and is an opportunity in which the student gains real-life work experience. Students will be paid for the job, but more importantly will gain on-the-job experience that is valuable when they graduate and begin to search for a full-time position. To help facilitate finding a co-op position the Co-op and Career Services Office at RIT maintains job listings from companies that are looking for co-op students to work for them. Students may find co-op employment anywhere in the US and International co-ops are also supported.

To be eligible for co-op, students must have completed their freshman and sophomore year course requirements, and must have attended a Co-op Orientation Workshop.

Transfer students usually must complete one year of academic work at RIT before becoming eligible to go out on co-op however exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Co-op allows a student to gain work experience, apply concepts taught in class, and bring lessons learned from the workplace back into the classroom thereby enriching their educational experience. Therefore, you should complete both co-op blocks prior to entering your senior year. You must complete all of your co-op requirements before you finish your last term of classes. Another way of stating this is that you should not “end on a co-op.”

One final consideration: since most students are on co-op for the summer term, the summer course offerings are sparse, particularly in the advanced study courses. With that in mind you should ideally go out for your first co-op experience the summer after your second year and plan for the second block sometime during your junior year or the summer after your junior year.

 For more information please visit the Office of Cooperative Education and Career Services.