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Dean's Lecture Series presents Kaitlin Thaney - Director, Mozilla Science Lab 3/17/15

Dean's Lecture Series presents Kaitlin Thaney - Director, Mozilla Science Lab
"Making the Web Work for Science"
Modern day research could use a hard refresh. In recent years, we've seen an explosion of activity and push for more "open science",  from increased access to content and data to new tools and technology to help us address bottlenecks slowing down discovery. But for all of that development, the system is still moving slowly, gaps in training and skills still exist, and we're not moving forward in a coordinated fashion. This talk will look at how we can better work together to advance the mission of more open, collaborative, web-enabled science, and how together, we can influence the culture of science by demonstrating new and open ways to conduct research on the web.
Speaker Bio
Kaitlin Thaney is the Director of the Mozilla Science Lab, an open science initiative of the Mozilla Foundation focused on innovation, best practices and skills training for research. Prior to Mozilla, Kaitlin served as the Manager of External Partnerships at Digital Science, a technology company that works to make research more efficient through better use of technology. Kaitlin also advises the UK government on infrastructure for data intensive science and business, serves as a Director for DataKind UK, and is the founding co-chair for the Strata Conference series in London on big data. Prior to Mozilla and Digitial Science, Kaitlin managed the science program at Creative Commons, worked with MIT and Microsoft, and wrote for the Boston Globe. 
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