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Computing Exploration Program

Ritchie High Five Computing Exploration RIT

The Computing Exploration Program provides students with exposure to seven undergraduate computing programs within the Golisano College. Students in the Computing Exploration Program take courses in (1) computer science, (2) computing security and (3) web and mobile computing, and may elect coursework in (4) software engineering,  (5) computing and information technologies, (6) human-centered computing, or (7) new media interactive development. The goal of the one-year program is to enable students to make an informed decision about the computing program that is the best fit for them. Students are guaranteed admission to their choice of these seven majors, provided they maintain good academic standing in the Computing Exploration Program. 

The Computing Exploration program has been carefully designed so that students will stay on track for graduation regardless of the program they ultimately select. That means that all courses taken during the first year are applicable to the student’s selected computing major.

The Computing Exploration program offers students the opportunity to explore the field of computing before declaring a specific major. All students in this undeclared major take a one-credit course, Computing Exploration Seminar, which provides an overview of the seven computing majors. Students learn about the course of study in each program and career opportunities in each field. Through the seminar and courses, they are introduced to the faculty, students, and laboratory facilities in each program.

While in the Computing Exploration Program, each student will take a two-course sequence in both programming and mathematics, appropriate for all degrees. An academic adviser will consult one-on-one to ensure that each student stays on track. Students may choose a major at the end of fall or spring semester while in the Exploration program – all course work taken while in the Computing Exploration program will be applied to the new program of study.



 Cr. Hrs.


Project-Based Calculus I (MATH-181)



Computer Science I (CSCI-141)



Fundamentals of Computing Security (CSEC-101)



Web and Mobile I (ISTE-140)



Computing Exploration Seminar (CINT-101)


  Liberal Arts Perspective


Total Credits







Project-Based Calculus II (MATH-182)



Computer Science II (CSCI-142)



Discrete Math for Computing (MATH-190)


Choose one from the courses marked ' ^ ':

Personal Software Engineering^ (SWEN-250)



Intro to Routing and Switching^ (NSSA-241)




First Year Writing



Total Credits