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Welcome to the first issue of the Journal of Game Design and Development Education (JGDDE).


The JGDDE is a peer-reviewed journal that covers all aspects of teaching the art, craft and science of game design and development to students in and out of a higher education setting. We plan to cover a range of work in our emerging field, as well represented by the content in our first issue. For example, Ian Parberry’s piece covers the emergence and growth of his pioneering work in the field teaching game programming in a university setting over the better part of two decades while Beth Lameman’s article looks at an evolving effort to teach game design and development to pre-university indigenous youth as a way of recapturing and owning their heritage while David Schwartz’s effort chronicles the early design of a mixed hardware and software course to create new types of game controllers.


Games are a multidisciplinary medium and those of us who teach their creation come from as broad a set of backgrounds as you can find. JGDDE will celebrate that diversity of skills and backgrounds. We look forward to having you as readers and as contributors.