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The JGDDE will publish:

  • Original Research
  • Book Reviews
  • Survey Articles

The journal will publish at least one issue annually, and more if the number and quality of submissions allows. Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. Submitted papers should be original work that has not appeared in any other peer-reviewed publication. Survey articles should provide significant “value add” in terms of practical advice based on extensive expertise. Papers may not be submitted elsewhere while under review by JGDDE. Guidelines:Page one must include an abstract (maximum of 150 words) and selected keywords (at least 5 of author's own) while page two starts with title and main text.

  • APA format
  • Standard type (12 point font, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 1.0 inch margins) should be used throughout
  • Running head and page numbers on top right corner (header) of each page.
  • References are double-spaced
  • 2nd and subsequent lines should have hanging indent of 0.5 inch (References should also start on a new page)
  • All tables, figures, appendices and end notes should be placed after references.
  • Submit only 1 main document (including all tables, figures and appendices) in WORD format (.doc) extension.
  • Length of a paper is determined by its content, i.e. it should be long enough to cover the subject and short enough to keep the readers interested.
  • We do not accept PDF files

We look forward to your submissions and will ensure that it enters the peer review process without delay. Manuscripts meriting review will be read anonymously, usually by two referees. In most instances, authors can expect decisions on their work within 90 days. The Journal retains the right to make changes in accepted manuscripts that (in the opinion of the editor) do not substantially alter meaning as well as for grammatical, stylistic and space considerations. For any questions, please contact our managing editor.

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