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Research Fellow
Binghamton University
Erin Mahoney

Erin Mahoney is a junior at Binghamton University triple majoring in Political Science, Environmental Planning and Geography. Her research interests include social issues that possess spatial characteristics, thus tying in her areas of study. Most recently, she has completed a spatial analysis of food insecurity risk and known need in Broome County, NY. This work will enable the county to redistribute food aid to better meet the needs of residents. Erin also serves as a voting member of the Broome County Environmental Quality Council, a key group that advocated for the city of Binghamton to become a Climate Smart Community. Erin wants to continue her studies in graduate school, although she is unsure of her preferred area of study. In her spare time, Erin works as the Head Personal Trainer at the Binghamton University Gym where she shares her love for health and wellness in hopes of increasing the quality of life of clients.