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Research Fellow
Clark University
Kyle Pecsok

Kyle Pecsok ‘20 is a Geography Major and Sociology Minor at Clark University. He is interested in studying GIS, Urban/Development Geography, and social issues related to urban development. His research interests are learning and using methods of GIS to understand the impacts that development and weather events have on communities and specific groups that live within those communities. Last year Kyle participated in a REU at the University of South Florida examining how proximity to different types of waterbodies impact one’s concern of climate change. His current plan after graduation is to participate in Clark University’s Accelerated B.A./Master’s Program and earn an M.S. degree in GIS. He hopes to enter a career that utilizes GIS technology to create efficient development that is safe and beneficial for the community, specifically disadvantaged groups. In his free time, Kyle’s enjoys travelling, running, hiking, and downhill skiing.