Change of Program and Double Majors

If you are an undergraduate RIT student seeking a change of program or a double major, we have two undergraduate degrees from which you can choose:

Because of the popularity of these programs and capped enrollment, we have limited availability for students seeking either a change of program or double major. For students seeking Game Design & Development, we strongly recommend first considering one of our Minors.

We currently process applications twice per year. 

The fall semester deadline for applications is Friday, December 9, 2016.  Accepted students will begin their curriculum in the Spring 2016-2017 (2165) semester.

The spring semester deadline for applications is Friday, May 12, 2017. Accepted students will begin their curriculum in the Fall 2017-2018 (2171) semester.

How we evaluate your application:

We will base our decisions on the overall course work completed, grades, and the written statement, as described below. Students who have done well in their programming and math courses will have a competitive advantage. Applicants must demonstrate a willingness to research the program to which they are applying, passion and aptitude for their major of choice, and overall preparedness with respect to the rigors of IGM academic programs.

Learning about our programs:

Please review the posted material for our degree programs (Game Design & Development (GAMEDES-BS) and New Media Interactive Development (NWMEDID-BS)). As part of the application process, you must meet with one of our Academic Advisors o discuss either degree program. You can schedule this meeting either before or after you submit your application. This meeting must take place before the application deadlines of December 9th or May 12th. You also have the opportunity to meet with an IGM Ambassador. An ambassador is a current student who can answer your questions about the student experience in the School. Please let your interviewer know if you are interested in this option. Please note: meeting with an ambassador does not satisfy the interview requirements of this application process. 


  • For students applying to Game Design and Development, if possible, we encourage you to complete PHYS 111: College Physics or PHYS 211: University Physics prior to applying.
  • We do not require an online portfolio, but we strongly encourage you to submit one.
  • We reserve the right to “hold” on our decision regarding your application until the end of the following semester. We may need to have an additional semester of your coursework to consider when making our decision.
  • Minimum GPAs:
    • Change of Program: 3.0
    • Double Major: 3.5

How to apply:

  1. Schedule a meeting with an IGM Academic Advisor by calling the IGM Main Office at 585-475-2763 or visting the IGM Main Office in Golisano Hall 2145. This meeting must take place before December 9th or May 12th (depending on when you plan to submit your application). Please note that you may schedule this meeting prior to submitting your application materials. 

  2. Find and fill out the official Registrar form:

    • If you are requesting a change of program, select "Change of Program / Plan".
    • If you are requesting a double major, select "Double Major / Dual Degree Authorization – Undergraduate Only".
    • Complete either the "Change of Program/Plan" or "Double Major/Dual Degree Authorization" form with your home department. 
    • Submit the signed "Change of Program/Plan" or "Double Major/Dual Degree Authorization" form with your application to IGM.
  3. Provide an updated résumé. 
  4. Please include a link to your online portfolio/website if possible. 
    • A portfolio is a collection of work samples, which we want to see via a website. A typical portfolio has your contact information, resume, and projects. The project samples should include thumbnails/images/brief descriptions, team/individual roles, and downloads and/or links to code repositories (like GitHub). Many portfolios have additional material like development blogs, videos, and more. Ultimately, your portfolio expands upon your resume, demonstrating what you can do, what makes you stand out, and what you want to do. 
  5. Write a one-two page essay with the following:
    • Your name and local contact information.
    • What you are requesting (Change of Program or Double Major).
    • The requested degree.
    • Why you are applying.
    • Your academic strengths (with examples of why you believe these are strengths).
    • Your interest and experience in learning how to develop games and interactive media.
    • Your professional goals/interests.
    • Why your requested major is the “right” fit for you. If you are a double major, please explain why you desire this path instead of a minor and/or graduate degree.
    • What you believe you can contribute to the School of Interactive Games and Media and your future industry.
  6. Print your essay, résumé, and attach both to the RIT form. Submit this paperwork, and complete the interview, by December 9, 2016 or May 12, 2017. All paperwork must be submitted in person to the School of Interactive Games and Media (Golisano Hall 2145). Do not submit your application to your home department. 
  7. Please note that failure to complete any part of the application process will result in an automatic rejection from the degree program for which you are applying. 

Notification of Decision:

Applications submitted for the December 9th deadline will be evaluated during intersession. You will receive an email (at your RIT email address) with our decision before Spring Semester begins. Applications submitted for the May 12th deadline will be evaluated during the summer semester. You will receive an email (at your RIT email address) with our decision before the next semester begins.