What PC\Laptop do you recommend for purchase as incoming freshman?
We do not recommend that incoming freshman purchase a laptop or desktop when arriving at RIT.  The reason behind this, is that students will acclimate to the environment for what works best for them.  EX.  Tablet for taking notes, desktop in their room, laptop that does both, etc.

We provide adequate facilities with all the software needed for students to meet their curricular needs (and it lets you get to know your fellow students!).  After your first year, students will have a better understanding of what will fit their needs.

What if I want to purchase an Alienware Desktop or Laptop like the IGM department uses?
Now that you are past your first year, you know what will work best for you for completing assignments and traveling to and from class (through Rochester winters!).  The IGM department has an agreement with Dell to allow IGM students to purchase Alienware Desktops and Laptops at a lower price. 

Dell online (note you will need your RIT login credentials)

Apple Products Digital Den or online --- http://www.rit.edu/fa/digitalden/

Microsoft Office is NOT included in the Microsoft MSDNAA (Dreamspark) program.  Do I have to pay full price for it for my personal computer?
The Microsoft MSDNAA (now known as Dreamspark provides currently enrolled IGM students with access to various Microsoft Operating systems and software (ex. Visual Studio) for free use during their student career at RIT.  Microsoft does NOT provide Microsoft Office in this subscription.  Microsoft Office365 is provided to currently enrolled students for free.

The IGM labs are not open at convenient hours for me.  How can I get this changed?
Each semester we set lab hours by student use.  Lab workers take hourly counts of the students using labs and we then use that along with previous semesters to determine when optimal open hours should be.   We are open seven days a week and open most days late evenings to accommodate student needs. 

I have a concern/issue with the IGM labs, who do I see or contact?
We are here to assist you whenever possible.  If you have a concern with the labs, hardware, software or personnel, you may contact the following people:

  • Lab Hardware / Software issue: Lab assistant on duty as they can provide quick responses or assistance.  Or email the system administrators at igm-tech@rit.edu
  • Personnel concerns – email the lab manager at ann.warren@rit.edu