2017 Fram Award awarded to New Media Team Project, Ambio

Congratulations to New Media Team Project group, Ambio! They have won the Fram Award for Applied Excellence in Critical Thinking for small groups at Imagine RIT!

The group included New Media Interactive Development students Conner Hasbrouck, Bennoni Thomas, and Josh Ladisic, and New Media Design students Colton Woytas, Jess Wiltey, Julianne Burke, Sudarshan Ashok, and Vincent Lin.

Here is the description of the project, from the team:
Ambio is a contemporary take on the classic mood ring. Our goal is to narrow the gap in long-distance communication by interpreting your emotions and sharing them with those closest to you. Using wearable technology, Ambio collects the user’s biometric data, such as vocal tone and heart rate. From that data, Ambio then assesses the user’s current mood. Finally, Ambio shares th
at mood with the user’s partner or partners through various digital displays. The idea for Ambio was born out of a dissatisfaction with current digital communication methods. There is no digital equivalent to the passive intimacies that are present during in-person communication. Video-chatting is a good tool for connecting individuals over long-distance, but the two-dimensionality and pre-planned nature of these platforms leaves something to be desired. Ambio generates real-time data visualizations in an ambient, passive, and unobtrusive way, and provides further context for the user’s interactions. Ambio will narrow the gap in personal relationships and enhance existing forms of digital communication.


You can learn more about the project here: 

Website: http://ambio.tech/

Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/ambio

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ambioapp