ImagineCup 2016

IGM hosted the ImagineCup from Friday November 11th - Sunday November 13th.  Teams of students spent 36 hours (we made them get sleep from 1am - 7am!) building games, solving problems, or creating cool applications.  This was open to students around RIT.  Students had a great time and the winners were:

Category Winner
Overall Winner Lyra - Frankie DiPietro, Dave Erbelding, Jaber McCormack, Dillon Guscott
Best 3D Game Play Animal Stackers - Beau Marwaha, James Troup, Emily Haldeman
Funnest Game Super Button Masher Extreme Turbo - Norman Greenberg, John Park, Joe Scotchmer, Sam Sternklar
Best Puzzle ColorCoded - John Palermo, Kenneth Probeck, Robert Bailey
Most Clever Game Giant Understaffed Mech Warrior - John Palsipher
Best Co-op Slime Spree - Charles Williams, Joel Shuart, Kevin Idzik, Josh Malmquist, Satcha Puri
Best 2D Platform Frontier - Logan Guidry, Brandon Valenzuela, Julian Januszka
Greatest Potential Blind Sight - Nick Wilk

Congratulations to all the winners and we look forward to what you can create next year!