Professor Decker secures NSF Grant

Congratulations to Assistant Professor Adrienne Decker! She is the Principal Investigator (PI) of a 5-year $965,000 National Science Foundation – Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (NSF IUSE) grant titled: "Collaborative Research: Establishing and Propagating a Model for Evaluating the Long Term Impact of College Computing Activities”.


In the award abstract, it states: "the goal of this project will be to implement a process for evaluating the long-term impact of pre-college computing activities on the participants. This includes the examination of participants' perceptions of computing as a discipline, how participants perceive themselves as part of the computing field, how computing fits into participant's lives and careers, participant choice of major/field of study, and choice of a computing or computing-related career”. You can read more about the grant here:


You can read the official RIT News release here: