See us at Imagine RIT

This year’s Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival will take place on Saturday, April 28 from 10am – 5pm. It’s free and open to the public! Below are just some of the exhibits that IGM students and faculty will be showing off. To view all exhibits and plan your day, visit:



Al Biles & Gen Jam

Exhibitor: Al Biles (IGM Faculty)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - Auditorium

Description: Al Biles (a human trumpet player) & GenJam (the Genetic Jammer) play straight up jazz. They improvise on all kinds of tunes, and carry on a musical conversation, just like all good jazz soloists. GenJam, however, is software that evolves its musical ideas in real time as it listens to Al. Their repertoire includes Miles, Monk, Messengers, mambo, mainstream, modern, movie music, and more! Stop by to listen. Bring your ax and sit in! Watch Al's and GenJam's notes float by on the big screen!!



Analog Games Showcase

Exhibitors: Sean Boyle (IGM Faculty), Christopher Banks (Game Design & Development), Jackson Wootan (Game Design & Development), Jason Bauer (Game Design & Development), Alexander Toy (Game Design & Development), Ryan MacKenzie (Game Design & Development), Mychael Hunt (Game Design & Development), Sean Koh (Game Design & Development), Adam Ledet (Game Design & Development), Collin Ma (Game Design & Development), Andy Ong (Game Design & Development), Benjamin Pylko (Game Design & Development), Mike Schek (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - Second Floor Classroom

Description: Game design and development is more than just video games. It's also the often overlooked field of analog or tabletop games. The Analog Games Showcase highlights the best student work in designing and developing board games and other tabletop games. This includes projects produced for courses like Game Design and Development and Tabletop Game Design & Development, as well as those designed through our organization Crashtest Games, and even independent student and faculty projects.



Bullet Dodge

Exhibitors: Brendan Lee (Game Design & Development), Stoney Reed (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: The game will have an arcade type of feel and will be reminiscent of a lot of older run and gun style video games. The artwork will also have a throwback 16-bit/32-bit look and there will be plenty of different guns.



Castle Silvr

Exhibitors: Joel Shuart (Game Design & Development), Erin McAnany (Game Design & Development), Noah Bock (Game Design & Development), Satch Puri (Game Design & Development), Varun Mhatre (Game Design & Development), Kevin Li (3D Digital Design)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: Castle Silvr is a Virtual Reality stealth-maze game. Utilizing Windows Mixed Reality headsets, the player can interact with the physical objects int he castle to do things like hide in a suit of Armour, and move tables and bookcases out of the way to open new paths. Interacting with the things in the castle allows the player to solve puzzles to make their way through the maze and avoid or distract the guards wandering the castles halls.



Circular Gallifreyan

Exhibitors: Claire Noble (Web and Mobile Computing), Cameron Bajus (Game Design & Development), Ava Enoch (Mechanical Engineering), Jon Fitch (Physics), Tullio Geraci (Chemistry)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - First Floor Hallway

Description: Learn how to write your name using the fun beautiful alphabet from Doctor Who.



Danny Hawk’s Boop Game

Exhibitor: Danny Hawk (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: "Danny Hawk's Boop Game" is a custom arcade game that pits two players against each other. Each round lasts about a minute, and the rules are a simple as they come. Bring a friend or challenge the game's designer to a match! "Danny Hawk's Boop Game" was created to explore what happens when two players who are competing against each other are forced to share controls.



Experimental Gameplay

Exhibitor: Ian Schreiber (IGM Faculty)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2020

Description: Experimental games provide a unique play experience, promote feelings in the players not normally associated with games, contain interactive storytelling that goes beyond the standard branching narrative, offer innovative physical or virtual user interfaces, contain novel multiplayer interactions, or similarly unique forms of play that attempt to broaden what is possible with games. In this exhibit, a variety of experimental video games created this year will be shown in playable form.



FLUX: High energy mobile gaming (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: Riley Yankowich (New Media Design), Megan Smith (New Media Interactive Development), Amy Pham (New Media Design), Solomon Mercurio (New Media Interactive Development), Jack Kaiser (New Media Design), Rikesh Mistry (New Media Design), Melissa Hochadel (New Media Design)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1912

Description: Who says playing games on your phone can't get you moving? Compete, Run and Dodge your way to the top.




Exhibitors: CJ Schaefer (Software Engineering), Matt Robison (Software Engineering), Chris Daukshus (Software Engineering), Trenton Plager (Game Design & Development)

Location: Gordon Field House and Activities Center (GOR/024) - Main Floor

Description: Genetiko is a unique, in development trading card/collectible card game, built around using genetics to determine the effects, stats, and abilities of each card. Genetiko features deck-building focused gameplay, and a realistic genetic engine for breeding new cards.



Graduate Game Design and Development Capstone

Exhibitors: Elouise Oyzon (IGM Facuty), Austin Willoughby (Game Design & Development), Darren Farr (Game Design & Development), ShihKuang Chu (Game Design & Development), Nathaniel Blair (Game Design & Development), Zhehui Qian (Game Design & Development), Akshay Rachapudi (Game Design & Development), Chi Shen (Game Design & Development), Ruchita Kondvilkar (Game Design & Development), Himanshu Paul (Game Design & Development), Amey Salvi (Game Design & Development), Rui Xia (Game Design & Development), Zizhun Guo (Game Design & Development), Peng Guan (Game Design & Development), Saurabh Khemuka (Game Design & Development), Shreevallabh Kulkarni (Game Design & Development), Parth Contractor (Game Design & Development), Pengfei Zhang (Game Design & Development), Maliheh Rahrovan (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2550


Cat Kart: Complete your kitten protector training in this Virtual Reality laser pointer driven shooter. Code Blank:  In this future dystopia, you are an engineered super human; slow time, make copies of yourself, fight your way to the core.

Elemental Rift: Through your magical powers by earth, water and fire, collect crystals to heal the land in this first person puzzle action game.

Mytholympics: The gods seek your favor in this frantic 2D couch co-op.



Grim Gallery

Exhibitors: Nancy Dimock (Golisano College Office of the Dean), Mark Obeldobel (Game Design & Development), Mark DelFavero (Game Design & Development), Conner Catanese (Game Design & Development), Deidre Corrigan (3D Digital Design), Hannah Webber (3D Digital Design), Katarina Tesmer (3D Digital Design), Natalie Dolgos (3D Digital Design), Lana Grygier (3D Digital Design), Megan White (3D Digital Design), Nathan Terrell (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - Second Floor Lounge

Description: You find yourself trapped in a haunted mansion, filled with clues, dangers, secrets, traps, and treasures abound. You came here with the intention of finding the fabled painting, easily worth millions, perhaps more with its cursed status. Armed only with your wits and that which the mansion provides to you, you must find the painting hidden deep in the mansion many years ago. Can you find the painting before you go running and screaming back home? Of course, you don't have to go. The spirits would be more than happy to lift your troubles away. Mhmhmhmmmm.... Join in the VR experience, solving puzzles in a haunted mansion, to try to find the legendary painting, and bring it home as your own.




Exhibitors: John Palermo (Game Design & Development), Robert Bailey (Game Design & Development), Kenneth Probeck (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - Second Floor Lounge

Description: MajorStack Games presents an award-winning color combinatorics game: HexCoded. Players are presented a board and inventory of hexagons, and place their inventory tiles on the board to influence the surrounding tiles. There are two ways to influence the board, additive mode and subtractive mode, which differ according to that method of color combination.




Hostile User Interface

Exhibitor: Shawn Liu (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2020

Description: A puzzle game with a unique control scheme, using the limited windows hotkey combinations to create puzzles that become much more difficult to solve when you can't use the key combinations you want.



Niyama: Making Positive Connections (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: Ethella Lung (New Media Design), Alexis Faraut (New Media Design), Matthew Gallagher (New Media Design), Sara Artese (New Media Interactive Development), Jialing Chen (New Media Design), Natalie Magee (New Media Interactive Development), Morgan Merrick (New Media Design), Celina Tassone (New Media Design)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1420

Description: Come interact with curious little characters, Yolks, and help spread happiness through their world! Niyama's exhibit at Imagine RIT is a fun, engaging, interactive simulation that shows how small gestures can have a great influence in the world.



Oblique (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: Kathleen Huang (New Media Design), Apriet Kenig (New Media Design), Donald Pelcher (New Media Interactive Development), William Bellos (New Media Design), Nicholas Powell (New Media Design), January Gorsline (New Media Interactive Development)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1440

Description: Speed through a futuristic city scape by collaborating with other players. Oblique introduces a new form of gameplay through abstract controllers.



The Original Mobile Games

Exhibitors: Kenneth Probeck (Game Design & Development), Ian Furry (Game Design & Development), Stephen Jacobs (IGM Faculty)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - First Floor Atrium

Description: Come play "The Original Mobile Games," a digital collection of old "ball-in-maze" type games from the late 1800s and early 1900s! Learn the history of these gaming relics while playing a piece of the past!



Oversight (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: Abbey Lee (New Media Design), Dan Noppenberger (New Media Design), Ann Mochinski (New Media Design), Lucas Kern (New Media Interactive Development), Darrin Loeliger (New Media Interactive Development), Philip Petronis (New Media Interactive Development), Stephanie Kotula (New Media Design)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1441

Description: Come play in our arcade that exposes the underlying methodologies beneath our devices' most psychologically addictive element.




Passion Projects

Exhibitors: Elouise Oyzon (IGM Faculty), Cameron Schlesinger (Game Design & Development), Mike O'Donnell (Game Design & Development), Katarina Weis (Game Design & Development), Matt Lienhard (Game Design & Development), Shannon Hanley (Game Design & Development), Alexander Woodward (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2550

Description: Students in the School of Interactive Games and Media have projects that extend beyond the classroom. Bumper Cars with Load Outs! Should clowns be allowed to drive? Beef up your bumper car with pies, cannons, and who knows what else in the bumper car arena. Odyssey Odyssey is a 2D adventure shooter with a focus on combat and world building.



Project Colossus: Become a Giant VR Robot!

Exhibitors: William Montgomery (Game Design & Development), Alex Hazen (Game Design & Development), Sanketh Bhat (Game Design & Development), Abby Hurd (3D Digital Design), Dylan Lobbregt (3D Digital Design), Jared White (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: Compete against your friends in this Virtual Reality game! It is the year 2255. Robots have taken over the earth, but the resistance to the robot revolution has planned an attack on the robots' next work, The Colossus. Will the half built robot colossus defeat the resistance's attack? Or will the resistance be able to destroy it before it is completed?



Project Cyber B

Exhibitors: Anna Karwacki (Game Design & Development), Noah Parker (Game Design & Development), Hannah Chase (3D Digital Design), Robin Mosher (3D Digital Design)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: Welcome to Project Cyber B. This is a turn based strategy game where the player is in a computer and they are trying to get to the important information and escape with it. However, this is not a simple task. The computer wants the player out and is sending out minions to attack the player and kick the player out of the system and recovering the information. The player has a couple of tricks up their sleeves to fight back and get in and out as fast as they can with the information.



Project Smith – A Game About Sharing Your Weapon

Exhibitors: Luke Miller (Game Design & Development), AJ Dillon (Game Design & Development), Jordan Mato (Game Design & Development), Aidan Kaufman (Game Design & Development), Steven Ma (Game Design & Development), Luke Hedrick (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 2000

Description: Project Smith is a 3D Action Adventure game where the player climbs and conquers epic weapons left by the gods in order to reach the ultimate and infinite power. The player is able to fully design and create the weapons they use in combat with the enemies they encounter using the materials they find in the world and gather off their slain foes.



Resonate (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: James Bailey (New Media Design), Ulijah Charles (New Media Interactive Development), Danny Kim (New Media Interactive Development), Alexander Lozada (New Media Design)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1320

Description: Resonate brings out your inner DJ, as you twist, step and move around the room. Learn about music synthesis in a fun and educational way, where all users can contribute to a collective audio experience.



Swipe Rogue

Exhibitors: Sharlene Mendez (Game Design & Development), Mathew Schweigardt (Game Design & Development), Edward Opich (Game Design & Development)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 1455

Description: Swipe rogue is a 2D mobile game for Android and iOS. You play alongside bumbling Spanish conquistador Federico Barbanegra, as he attempts to claim the riches of the new world for Spain. Having wandered into a clearly ominous temple he finds himself trapped. Quickly swipe through the rooms to find your way out before you succumb to the temple's mysterious deity. Can you help him escape? Come visit us and try the game out for yourselves!



Tharsis (New Media Team Project)

Exhibitors: Chris Locke (New Media Design), Rebecca Drexler (New Media Design), Sara Nuffer (New Media Design), Emily Tichonuk (New Media Design), Stacey Yip (New Media Design), Doug Andrews (New Media Interactive Development), Breanna Marshall (New Media Design), Jasmine Ruan (New Media Interactive Development)

Location: Booth Hall (BOO/007A) - 1400

Description: Walk on Mars. Through the magic of interactive projection mapping, explore the Tharsis region and learn about Martian geology. Our goal is to reignite students' passion for outer space and transform classrooms with new media technology.


Virtual Reality Escape Room

Exhibitors: Anushka Nair (Game Design & Development), Burhanuddin Beawerwala (Game Design & Development), Varun Sunil Bajaj (Game Design & Development), Naveen Sampath (Game Design & Development), Neil Johnston (3D Digital Design), Jose Varela (3D Digital Design)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 1435

Description: You are trapped! Solve clues and find the key to unlock the door to escape! Good luck.



VRsus guARdian (A Game Between VR and AR)

Exhibitors: Tanat Boozayaangool (Game Design & Development), Emily Silcox (3D Digital Design), Joseph Lu (Game Design & Development), Stephanie Strzelecki (3D Digital Design), Lillian Li (Game Design & Development), Cameron Burnside (3D Digital Design)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - 1445

Description: VRsus guARdian is a cat-and-mouse chase that features gameplay between virtual reality and augmented reality. One person (the AR Player) uses an iPad and walks around a small play area to chase down a tiny virtual thief, while the other player (the VR Player) experiences the game through the HTC Vive and must navigate a virtual space that maps to the physical play area.



Women in Computing Magic Mirror and Arcade Cabinet

Exhibitors: Regina Locicero (Web and Mobile Computing), Cara Steinberg (Computer Science), Kevin Barnett (Software Engineering), Ariel Viggiano (Information Sciences and Technologies), Eleanor Post (Game Design & Development), Cassidy Horzempa (Computational Math), Daria Chaplin (Computer Science), Marianna Sternefeld (Software Engineering), Emily Zimmerman (Computer Science), Theodora Bendlin (Computer Science), Imris Curry (Computer Science), Meghan Sicard (Computing and Information Technologies), Emma Reynolds (Software Engineering)

Location: Golisano Hall (GOL/070) - First Floor Atrium

Description: When you are getting ready looking in the mirror do you ever wonder what the weather is or what the current time is? Magic Mirrors are able to display helpful information such as the weather and the time on a reflective mirror like surface. WiC's Projects Committee has built their own Magic Mirror that displays helpful information like which WiC events are coming up as well as implementing gesture and other controls. There will also be our previous exhibit on display our WiC Arcade Cabinet.