Student Spotlight - Joshua Landman

Joshua Landman - 3rd year Game Design & Development student


Club/Organization Involvement on Campus:

I am a proud brother of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, which focuses on the growth of leadership and learning. I am also a member of the IGM Ambassadors, in which I give tours, work open houses, and do Q&A's with families. I am also an IGM Lab Assistant so I help tutor students as well as perform lab maintenance.

Co-op Position Title, Company Name:

Summer 2015 Software Engineer Intern for the Star Wars: Commander team, Disney Interactive in Palo Alto California

What was your co-op like?

My job was basically a dream come true. A basic day over the summer consisted of me showing up to work and grabbing breakfast from the kitchen If coworkers were around we would relax in a lounge, and if not I would watch Netflix or Twitch until 9 or so. We would have our daily meetings and plans. About 90% of my work was programming at a computer in Unity. 

I would work until 12 and then run to the kitchen for catered lunch from local restaurants. During lunch I would either watch League of Legends with coworkers in the main conference room or go play video games with others in one of the lounges. After lunch I would work until 6 or so and then grab dinner from the kitchen. Depending on the day we would either be full of meetings or playtests. Some days we had game nights, in which we would gather and play video games until midnight with free food and guests, such as the author of The Martian and the lead Parks Designer.

What skills did you use on a day to day basis?

The skills that I used on a daily basis were the basic debugging and programming tools I learned at school. If I was not finding issues and repairing them I was developing new systems to meet the demands of programmers and designers, all in C#. On a normal day I would work with artists, designers, programmers, production, and QA. If it wasn't for the well-rounded education from RIT I would not have been able to talk to everybody. 

What was your most memorable moment on co-op?

There are way too many to count: One was the internal Hackathon in which I was the only programmer on my team and got to create some fantastic things. Another was the day that our game shipped; we sextupled the size of the game and increased the player base. The greatest moment of all time though, my big favorite moment was when my team spent two weeks helping me prepare my resume and drilling me with interview questions so that I could be prepared for any opportunities in the future.

What helped prepare you the most for co-op?

A few things helped prepare me the most. First, a side project that I worked on with some friends that failed terribly but I learned a lot from it. Also, the IGME 106: GDAPS II course with Professor Moreau as well as the help of many friends and professors who pushed me to learn.

What’s a piece of advice you’d give students looking for a co-op?

Two pieces of advice if you’re looking for a co-op:

1. Work on applications until the very end. That next application might be your dream job.

2. Be passionate! Every day people are doing the exact same thing you are - taking your classes, studying the same books. Do everything in your power to show that you deserve that job more than them.