What will I learn in the NMID program?

Students entering New Media Interactive Development take core courses from both the School of Interactive Games & Media and the School of Design. They get a solid grounding in programming, web, and mobile technologies. As the new media field changes rapidly, our instructors teach a wide variety of current and advanced topics that immerse students in emerging technologies and the latest concepts in interaction and user experience.

  • NMID students acquire a rich foundation of knowledge and skills in interactive development, including:
  • Programming, algorithm development, and math
  • HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as overall web development concepts
  • App development for multiple platforms: desktops/laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other custom and experimental devices such as wearables and virtual reality
  • Working collaboratively in multi-disciplinary teams
  • User experience design and interactive interface design
  • Theory and hands-on skills in digital art and design


After a few semesters, students begin to home in on an area of academic focus (see list below). NMID students choose 2 elective courses to fulfill the requirements for IGM advanced electives. They can concentrate on a single area, or select courses from multiple areas.

For their senior capstone experience, students in NMID and New Media Design join forces to make stunning, cutting-edge projects, often in collaboration with industry or non-profit partners. Past partners have included Adobe, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Xerox Corporation, and George Eastman House.

Check out some of our students' work at the IGM Gallery.

Areas of Study

Advanced Interactive Development for the Web

  • IGME-430 Rich Media Web Application Development II
  • IGME-590 Seminar in Computational Aesthetics **
  • ISTE-230 Introduction to Database and Data Modeling *
  • IGME-460 Data Visualization

Mobile Development and Alternative Interfaces

  • IGME-340 Multi-platform Media App Development (currently taught in iOS)
  • ISTE-456 Mobile Application Development II (currently taught in Android) *
  • IGME-590 Seminar in iOS and tvOS Game Development **
  • IGME-470 Physical Computing and Alternative Interfaces (currently taught with Arduino)

Creative and Experimental Development

  • IGME-460 Data Visualization
  • IGME-440 Online Virtual Worlds and Simulations
  • IGME-470 Physical Computing and Alternative Interfaces
  • IGME-581 Innovation and Invention
  • IGME-590 Seminar in Computational Aesthetics **

Design and Media

  • IGME-119 2D Animation and Asset Production
  • IGME-219 3D Animation and Asset Production
  • NMDE-201 New Media Design Elements II *
  • NMDE-203 New Media Design Interactive II *
  • NMDE-302 New Media Design Graphical User Interface *

Interactive Audio

  • IGME-570 Digital Audio Production
  • IGME-571 Interactive and Game Audio
  • IGME-590 Seminar in Computational Aesthetics **

Database and Data Modeling

  • ISTE-230 Introduction to Database and Data Modeling *
  • ISTE-330 Database Connectivity and Access *

Game Design and Development

  • IGME-220 Game Design and Development I
  • IGME-320 Game Design and Development II
  • IGME-450 Casual Game Development
  • IGME-590 Seminar in iOS and tvOS Game Development **
  • IGME-590 Seminar in Modern Board Game Design **


The IGM studio classes often cover specific themes of NMID design and development. Check with the professor that is teaching the specific section you are interested in.

  • IGME-580 IGM Production Studio
  • IGME-589 Research Studio

More Information

The Course Worksheet link below lists the required courses for the four years of the New Media Interactive Development undergraduate degree program. This worksheet is updated each year. The RIT Course Descriptions link provides course descriptions for IGM (code "IGME") and all other RIT courses.

* Courses offered in other departments are subject to seat availability and department approval.
** Seminar courses are limited-time offerings subject to change.