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David Peter

David Peter has found an array of paths to learn and explore his passions at RIT. David participates in studies at two different RIT colleges – the renowned National Institute for the Deaf (NTID), the world’s leading college for deaf and hard of hearing students, and the Golisano College where he is currently working toward a degree in computer science. “Golisano College students always have curiosity, “ David explains. “Computer science students all have knowledge in something different.”

David is right. Whether participating in the Equestrian Club or programming new applications he brings his own unique experiences to the menagerie of passions and programs that help make Golisano College a learning and research hub unlike any other.

At RIT, students like David are choosing their own path, everyday.

Chris Cowdery-Corvan

The career-focused curriculum at the Golisano College has helped Chris Cowdery-Corvan make an immediate impact at one of the most respected tech giants in the world. "The project-focused approach to education is what helped me to hit the ground running at Apple,” says Cowdery-Corvan. “Teamwork and collaboration; and working with design and architecture were things I was ready for." He continues: "RITs connection with industry is huge; I got my job through that means. They bring a lot of great talks and recruiters. Professors also ask students what they want to know helping you feel more engaged." Like many other students, Cowdery-Corvan opened the door to his future via his co-op at Apple.

During his co-op he even had an idea approved by the legendary Steve Jobs: "The Cupertino Co-Op [with Apple] was awesome! I worked on the Messages and iMessages team. What's cool about that co-op is your manager asks you "what do you want to do?" So my first project was the photo booth for IPad. I had suggested the app for IPad and the suggestion was actually forwarded all the way to S.J. (Steve Jobs) who said "go ahead.""

Melody Kelly

Melody Kelly: Play Video  

Melody Kelly likes to work at the forefront of tech and design. Perhaps it’s why she found the Golisano College’s nationally recognized programs at the School of Interactive Games & Media so appealing. “The thing that drew me to the School of Interactive Games & Media was the cutting-edge. I really like the idea of fusing art with new user interfaces to change the way people interact with computers.“

Melody's major, New Media Interactive Development (NMID), represents a core partnership and understanding of computing as a medium of expression. It situates the user/player/group/community first, and then explores computing from the perspective of dreaming up new interactions and experiences, and then realizing them through technology. NMID is the embodiment of user-centered design in a media-driven context, the immersion of our culture in visual communication with devices that then extend to sound, touch, motion, gesture, physical and tangible interfaces, and more.

In NMID, Melody is able to take her passion for art and design and employ it in creating new experiences that have garnered the attention of her professors and peers as well as employers like American Greetings, where Melody did a co-op during the Summer of 2013.

In addition, even though Kelly started as a computer science major she was able to switch to NMID without losing any time toward graduation. That’s more time she can spend innovating new computing experiences for the rest of us.


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