IGM Undergraduate Orientation

Incoming 2018-2019 IGM Students

Welcome new students to the School of Interactive Games and Media (IGM) within the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences (GCCIS). The faculty and staff in IGM are looking forward to working with you during your college career. You are joining an exciting and demanding college that provides the education that will help you meet the expectations and opportunities you will encounter in your career and throughout your life. We hope that your academic career at RIT will prove to be fruitful and challenging.

We encourage you to visit the RIT New Student Orientation website for further information about our program. The website contains a checklist of to-do items and information about the many services and resources that will help you make the most of your experience at RIT.

We will continue to provide just-in-time communication to incoming students on this website. Also, please consider following us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/igmrit), Instagram (@IGMatRIT), and Twitter (@IGMRIT) to stay connected with the latest IGM related news and events. Finally, please check your RIT email account for future correspondence from IGM. If you have trouble accessing your email account, contact Information & Technology Services (ITS) at helpdesk@rit.edu or 585-475-4357.

Additional information about getting prepared for your first semester at RIT is below. You can also call our main office at 585-475-2763 if you have additional questions.

We look forward to meeting you in the fall!

With Best Wishes,

David I. Schwartz, PhD

Director and Associate Professor

School of Interactive Games and Media

Advising Team

If we can assist you as you prepare for college, please contact one of our advisors:

Jeff Spain, jhsics@rit.edu (All New Media Interactive Development students)

Amanda Thau, absrla@rit.edu (Game Design & Development students with last names A-K)

Kathleen Schreier Rudgers, kmsrla@rit.edu (Game Design & Development students with last names L-Z)

Test and Transfer Credits

As soon as is practical, request your official transcripts for transfer credit and official scores for Advanced Placement (AP) credit, International Baccalaureate (IB), and have them sent via mail to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions as soon as possible. For more information, please visit www.rit.edu/emcs/admissions.

To view RIT's 2018-2019 AP credit rules, please visit: http://www.rit.edu/academicaffairs/registrar/sites/rit.edu.academicaffairs.registrar/files/ap_credit_awards_-_2018-2019.pdf

Your Fall 2018 Class Schedule

Academic advisors will build your schedule and enroll you in fall semester classes. You will be able to access your tentative schedule starting on July 23, 2018 using the Student Information System (SIS) online at www.rit.edu/infocenter/. You must use your RIT computer account and password to access SIS. Our academic advisors will be available to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule during Orientation.

A typical first semester schedule for Game Design & Development students will include (17 credits): 

-IGME 105: Game Development and Algorthmic Problem Solving I (4 credits)

-IGME 110: Introduction to Interactive Media (3 credits)

-MATH 131: Discrete Mathematics (assuming a score of at least 55 on the Math Placement Exam) (4 credits)

-First Year Writing or an Arts and Sciences Perspective course (3 credits)

-An Arts and Sciences Perspective course (3 credits)

-ACSC 10: YearOne (0 credits)


A typical first semester schedule for New Media Interactive Development students will include (17 credits): 

-IGME 105: New Media Interactive Design and Algorithmic Problem Solving I (4 credits)

-IGME 110: Introduction to Interactive Media (3 credits)

-MATH 131: Discrete Mathematics (assuming a score of at least 55 on the Math Placement Exam) (4 credits)

-NMDE 111: NMD Digital Survey 1 (3 credits) 

-First Year Writing or an Arts and Sciences Perspective course (3 credits)

-ACSC 10: YearOne (0 credits)


All fall courses are selected based on the following factors: 

-Student score on the Programming Placement Survey (Game Design & Development students ONLY)

-Your score on the Math Placement Exam (MPE)

-Your score on the Writing Placement Exam (WPE) or SAT/ACT/TOEFL scores

-Any incoming transfer credit, Advanced Placement scores, or International Baccalaureate scores

-Availability of courses


Our academic advisors will be available to make any necessary adjustments to your schedule during Orientation

Math Placement Exam (MPE)

To ensure proper course placement, you are required to take the ALEKS Math Placement Exam (MPE). It is imperative that you take the exam as soon as you are notified. The exam will be open from May 15 through June 30, 2018. To access the exam or for more information, please visit www.rit.edu/science/mpe/.

Programming Placement Survey - Game Design & Development Students ONLY

We recognize that students will be coming to RIT with varied coding experiences. To determine your placement in a programming class, the IGM faculty have created a Programming Placement Survey. This survey is optional (but strongly encouraged to allow us to provide the best advice for your placement). This survey is only for Game Design & Development students.
To take the survey:

  • Visit IGM Programming Placement Survey
  • This evaluation must be completed by the incoming student by June 30, 2018.
  • This evaluation can only be taken once.
  • This evaluation will take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

After the survey is reviewed, academic advisors will utilize this information to enroll you into your Fall classes. If you have any questions about the placement survey, please contact the IGM Advising Team.

Orientation - Academic Day

Freshmen, not participating in a pre-orientation program, will move into the residence halls on Tuesday, August 21, 2018 and New Student Orientation will run through August 26, 2018.

Academic day is Thursday, August 23. This is where you will meet fellow first year students as well as faculty and staff at Academic Day. On this day during Orientation we will also review curriculum requirements and answer scheduling questions. Faculty and academic advisors will be available throughout your time at RIT to assist you with career planning and any other advising issues. You can find more information at www.rit.edu/orientation.

Code Zero

All students were notified about the Code.Zero experience in early July. Code.Zero gives you the opportunity to prepare yourself for your introductory programming class via an optional, free, on-line class. This course is intended for students with no prior programming experience. A copy of the email notification about Code.Zero is located here. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity.


Summer before RIT Checklist

Here are some important tasks you will need to complete prior to your arrival at RIT this fall:

Summer Checklist PDF

IGM Four Year Track Checklist

Here are some things that we encourage you to do throughout your time here at RIT!

IGM "Four Year Track" Checklist PDF 

Parents & Family - get connected!

IGM recognizes that family and friends are a big part of a student's success here at RIT. With that in mind, we'd like to point out some items that could be great resources in supporting your student during their time learning with us:

Academic Advisors- Each student at RIT has a direct line for answers to questions about academic resources, course planning, or other challenges through their Academic Advisor. For more information about a student's successful connection with an Academic Advisor, head to www.rit.edu/gccis/igm/academic-advising-overview.

The Academic Advisors are always willing to be of assistance but please note the guidelines surrounding what can be shared during your conversation. More information on the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) can be found at www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/parentsandfamilies/ferpa-and-parent-access

RIT Parent and Family Program Office - www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/parentsandfamilies/

Parent and Family Orientation - www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/orientation/content/family-orientation

Parents of GDD Majors Facebook Group- www.facebook.com/groups/1429693644016486/

RIT Parents Facebook Group - www.facebook.com/RITparents/

Technical Resources

We know that you are anxious to get a jump start on preparing for college. The number one question we receive regarding technical needs is: What PC/Laptop/Tablet do we recommend for purchase to an incoming freshman?

The answer is that we do not recommend that incoming freshman purchase a laptop or desktop prior to arriving at RIT!

Surprised? The reason behind this is that students will acclimate to the environment for what works best for them. For example, a tablet for taking notes, a desktop in their room, a laptop that does both, etc. We provide adequate facilities with all the software needed for students to meet their curricular needs (and it lets you get to know your fellow students!). After your first year, students will have a better understanding of what will fit their needs.

For more information about the technical resources available to IGM students: https://www.rit.edu/gccis/igm/open-lab-hours & Tech Sheet PDF.

Other resources

Want to learn more about life as an IGM student? Check out our Student Ambassador blogs: www.rit.edu/gccis/igm/blogs.

Keep up with IGM on Social Media: Instagram (@IGMatRIT), Facebook (www.facebook.com/igmrit), and Twitter (@IGMRIT).

Looking to join a club or organization at RIT? Check out the Center for Campus Life: https://www.rit.edu/studentaffairs/campuslife/.

New Media Club is an event oriented club that seeks to bring New Media Majors, and those interested in New Media, together outside the classroom.