Student Clubs & Organizations

There are a wide variety of student clubs and organizations availabe for students at RIT.  If you have an interest, there are others that do also.  No club in your interest?  Start one of your own.

Here are a couple of clubs you may be interested in.  

                    Anyone (any major) with a desire to make games is welcome in our group where the goal is to make game design fun, interesting and beneficial to all.

                    Crashtest Games is a student group at RIT that meets weekly to play, test, discuss, and design tabletop games of all sorts. Meetings are Monday nights starting at 6:00pm year round. All game designers and players are welcome! Join the Facebook group for more information. 

                  EGS' mission is to provide the best gaming events to all varieties of gamers on the East Coast. We aim to make Rochester a gaming hotspot for professional, hardcore, and casual gaming, and look to attract interest from all over the country. Working                         towards this goal, we provide regular PC and console gaming events for the gaming population of RIT. We look to get gamers out of their rooms and into social situations where they can bond with other individuals who share the same interests.

                  CodeRIT is both a community of students and an opportunity to learn, think and create. They strive to be self-starters, invetnors and entrepreneurs.