Co-op Overview

Cooperative Education (Co-op) Experience

The IGM Bachelor of Science degrees in Game Design & Development and New Media Interactive Development require two semesters of full time work to fulfill your co-op requirements. Full time is considered a minimum 35- hour work week over the course of an academic semester.
The MS program does not require a co-op experience, although students may opt to co-op as part of their degree program.
Co-op is short for co-operative education in which you will work in your field and has the following benefits:
  • Gain real life career experience
  • All co-ops are compensated
  • The experience gained will assist with full-time position.
  • Allow the opportunity for students to define their career paths

To assist students with finding a job, the Career Servies and Cooperative Education Office maintains job listings from companies and works with IGM to help students with their job search.    

In order for a student to take a class while on co-op, the student must first have a conversation with Financial Aid.  Many times students do not realize the financial ramifications of being on co-op and taking a class at the same time.  If after talking to Financial Aid a student still wants to request to take a class whie on co-op, the student must meet with their Academic Advisor for approval.  The Academic Advisor will discuss where this course fits into your degree completion.  If the request is approved, the student will only be permitted to enroll in a maximum of one course while on co-op.