Why IGM?

The School of Interactive Games and Media is nationally and internationally renowned for innovative approaches to media-centric computing that merge the creative design of the interactive experience with the development of content, technologies, and systems that form the basis of such work.  The School supports, wherever and whenever possible, multi-disciplinary work that fuses these elements in pursuit of its academic mission.
IGM is comprised of talented and motivated individuals from a variety of academic backgrounds with a shared interest in computing as it relates to interactive and social media, new media, games, simulations, and media-centric systems of all varieties. Our mission is to provide a sustained educational environment that supports and encourages creative and collaborative academic inquiry by both faculty and students into these areas. IGM's programs, coursework, research, and development efforts provides students with the knowledge and skills to pursue meaningful and rewarding careers in this arena, while simultaneously advancing the field and helping to provide a well-rounded educational experience.
IGM's Game Design and Development degrees are curently ranked in the Princeton Review's Top 10 National Game Design academic programs for the past 3 years.  Additionally, we are the first university to offer a Bachelors Degree in New Media Interactive Development.