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Industry Partnerships

Logos of Industry Partners

Golisano College partners with local and global industries in a variety of ways. Whether collaborating on advanced research or offering students opportunities to work with some of the top minds in the tech industry, we take pride in working with industries in myriad sectors. Below you will find information on some of the ways we partner with industries and contact information to learn more. 


Customized Training

GCCIS has developed and delivered customized training for industry in a variety of specialty areas.  Here are just a few:

  • Software Development Program for Developers
  • Software Development Program for Managers
  • Software Testing Methods – A Practical Guide for Software Testers
  • Level I – Basic Networking and Security
  • Level II – Basic Networking and Security with VoIP
  • Level III – Advanced Networking with Net and Sys Admin Topics

Guest Speakers

Are you doing something interesting in your work and want to share it?  GCCIS student clubs, faculty, departments, and the Dean invite a variety of speakers to campus to share their work with us.  Be a part of it!

Senior Projects

Our software engineering seniors are required to work in teams with industry to solve challenging, real-world software issues.  Over the course of two semesters, each team works with industry, applying the software engineering skills that they have learned in class and on co-op.  They carry the project from inception through an entire software development life cycle.  The end result is a functional software tool ready for use by the organization.

Faculty in Residence

GCCIS has partnered with industry through Faculty in Residence projects.  The industry hires between 3-12 GCCIS student co-ops and a GCCIS faculty member manages the project, either at the industry’s location or at available, rentable space on the RIT campus.

Industrial Advisory Boards

Each department with GCCIS has an Industrial Advisory Board which meets once or twice per year to discuss changes in industry’s needs, changes to the curricula, new programs, and a variety of other issues that impact the future of our students, industry, and the field of computing.  Membership is periodically renewed as participants retire.  Consider submitting your name to become a member!

Faculty and Masters Students’ Projects

Do you have a problem that just can’t seem to be solved?  GCCIS faculty members and graduate students have worked with industry on projects to solve problems, test solutions, and develop new approaches to old systems.  Consider using one of them the next time you have a challenge to solve.

For information regarding any of our Industrial Partnership opportunities, contact:

Kandice King, Director of Development
P: 585.475.7626
C: 585.698.5323