GIFT - Geospatial Intermodal Freight Transportation

GIFT is a collaborative effort between RIT and the University of Delaware to develop a GIS-based tool to evaluate the energy, emission, cost, and time-of-delivery attributes of intermodal freight transport.

Web based multi-modal freight transportation analysis. Try it! Read the Quick Start Guide and then open the application. Have any ideas to improve WebGIFT? We want to hear from you! Send your ideas to the WebGIFT development team.

Download the GIFT project information sheet: PowerPoint Presentation or PDF

GIFT Challenges:

  • Create a tool that will allow for easy and accurate analysis of the costs and benefits associated with multimodal shipping routes. 
  • Gather reliable data from multiple sources.
  • Display routes based on real world times and speed limits.
  • Illustrate the environmental impact of each transportation mode based on accurate emissions expenditures.

Recent Milestones:

  • WebGIFT now online.
  • Transportation connections between U.S. and Canada completed.
  • Road speed data from the U.S. D.O.T. and Transport Canada allow for more accurate travel times between origin and destination points
  • Test case studies reveal shipping routes that produce lower emissions and lower costs.