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RIT’s special interest group for computer-human interaction – RIT SIGCHI – featured in latest issue of ACM’s student magazine, XRDS

By Fran Broderick

In the latest issue of XRDS: Crossroads, The Association for Computing Machinery’s (ACM) Magazine for Students, author David Byrd highlighted RIT’s chapter of SIGCHI, the special interest group for computer-human interaction. RIT professors are counted among the ranks of ACM’s official SIGCHI working group, and RIT has a respected history of innovation in the field of human-computer interaction, notably in the area of accessibility.

In the article, “Democratizing digitation, campus outreach, and more,” the author notes Dr. Daniel Ashbrook’s efforts to expand 3-D printing to the masses. Dr. Ashbrook is the director of RIT’s Future Everyday Technology Research Lab, or FETLab as it is known for short. Of RIT SIGCHI’s 45 members, many are students working with Dr. Ashbrook on “democratizing digital fabrication,” as well as connecting students and other interested parties with “upcoming professional opportunities” and “free or low-cost research material.”

Moreover, the group acts as a social community helping bring together students with similar interests. Speaking with the author, RIT SIGCHI treasurer and secretary Jeremiah Parry-Hill explained, “In the life of a graduate student, which is normally focused on balancing studies with life, simply providing a social outlet around these topics means a lot in terms of building a community around HCI.”

“It’s great that we have such an active SIGCHI group at RIT,” added Ashbrook. “It helps the students to be more engaged with the field, and being exposed to HCI research can really benefit their careers.”

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