March 15—17th, 2013
Registration opening soon!

So, what is RIT48?

Glad you asked. RIT48 aims to bring together students from various disciplines to pitch, plan, develop and launch a web or mobile startup in one weekend — or, as the name suggests, 48 hours. An intense, energy fueled, entrepreneurial event, RIT48 was designed to showcase the innovative and creative spirit of RIT students while offering the opportunity to learn and meet new people. Always had a cool idea for a web startup but never the time or resources to make it happen? RIT48 is for you. You can form a team, develop your idea, and launch a web startup to the world in a mere 48 hours. We'll bring the coffee.

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Who can compete? The RIT48 competition is open to RIT students, alumni and faculty.
Can I start now? You are encouraged to think of an idea and discuss it before RIT48, however you may not work on a prototype or business plan before the competition starts.
Team sizes? You may have between two and five people on your team, however we highly recommend you go with three—a programmer, a designer, and a business/marketing person. We highly suggest having a diverse group and at least 3 people. (Last year no team made it into the finals with less than 3 people).
Where is the event located? We have reserved rooms in both GCCIS (building 70) and the Center for Student Innovation (building 87).
What can I make? We're looking for teams who can create some sort of web-based application. We're hoping to come up with a bunch of small projects that people can use at the end of Saturday.
I need ideas! You can try leveraging pre-made APIs. My favorites include Twilio (for voice+texting) or Googles APIs (for, well, everything). You can make a Facebook or iPhone app, too. Another great place to start is RIT-related apps. Maybe an application to match up RIT co-op students in other cities, or an RIT ride board?
Who owns my idea/project? You do, 100%!
Will food be provided? We're working very hard to get free food for all of the contestants!
How much does it cost? Registration and food is all free. All you'll have to pay for is things like services your startup uses and domain names.
My team isn't complete yet.. No worries—sign up with who you have so far, and indicate somewhere that you have someone else coming (or, let us know if you need someone, and we'll try to make an introduction). If you find someone new, just email us their information to RIT48.com.
Can I donate? We'd love it! If you or your organization is interested in sponsoring the event, please contact us.
What are the prizes? We'll let you know when we get closer to the date.
What's the schedule? This is last year's schedule. Expect this year's to be similar. Friday (9AM-All Night): Introductions, Planning, Developing
9:00 AMRegistration/Breakfast (Center for Student Innovation: 87-1600)
10:00 AMWelcome to RIT48 (Center for Student Innovation - 87-1600)
10:15 AMTeam & Mentor Introductions / Elevator Pitch
11:00 AMWork starts
12:00 PMLunch (CSI 87-1600)
12:30 PMGregory Koberger of Mozilla: The Open Source Startup (CSI 87-1600)
6:00 PMDinner (GCCIS 70-2400)
Saturday: Work continues & Business plan workshop
9:00 AMBreakfast (GCCIS: 70-2400)
12:00 PMLunch (GCCIS: 70-2400)
12:30 PMDr. DeMartino's Business plan workshop
6:00 PMDinner (GCCIS: 70-2400)
Sunday: Work stops, final presentations and awards
9:00 AMBreakfast (GCCIS: 70-2400)
9:00 AMBusiness plans are due!
11:00 AMWork Stops
11:30 AMDeliverables are due
11:30 PMLunch (GCCIS: 70-2400)
12:00 PMConcurrent Presentations (TBA)
2:30 PMFinal Presentations (GCCIS: 70-1400)
4:30 PMJudges & mentor deliberation (CSI: 70-2400)
5:00 PMAwards and closing ceremony (CSI: 70-1400)
Not familiar with RIT? CSI is the Center for Student Innovation. The SE Breakout rooms are to the right of the SEE room (first room when you go in the main GCCIS entrance); they are located down a long hallway.
What's new this year? This year we've set a new record of both teams and participants. In order to compensate for this, the presentation structure has changed from the previous two years.
There are two sets of presentations. The first set (concurrent presentations) will start immediately after lunch. The teams will be split into three groups who will present in front of a subset of judges. The judges will then pick the the highest ranking teams to move on to the final presentations. The final presentations will be in the Center for Student Innovation.

In a nutshell:
  • The total set of teams will be split into 3 groups.
  • Each group of teams will present to a subset of judges.
  • The judges will deliberate and pick the best teams to move on to the final presentation.
Is there a chatroom? #rit48 on irc.freenode.net.
Did we miss something? Send us an email, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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