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Student Funding Request


Golisano College makes funding available to support students in disseminating their scholarly work. Below, you will find the budget request forms for both Imagine RIT and Student Travel. The Imagine RIT form is used to request funds for an Imagine RIT exhibit and can be filled out and submitted online. The Student Travel Application Form is used to request funds to travel and present at academic conferences or similar industry events and must be printed out and signed by the appropriate faculty or staff member. More information about Student Travel Fund Policy can be found below the form link.

Imagine RIT Exhibitor Budget Request

Imagine RIT Exhibitor Budget Request form


Student Travel Fund Policy

Student Travel Application Form

GCCIS Travel Fund for BS and MS students- Administrative Policy 

I. Purpose 

In support of student-centered research and scholarship, undergraduate and master’s level students who are currently enrolled in a GCCIS program may apply for travel funding to be used to support dissemination of their scholarly work. Scholarly work, in this context, refers to a paper or project to be presented at a conference, workshop, or competition. Faculty grant money including overhead returns should be the first choice in funding student travel. Academic departments are also encouraged to provide support for student travel. The college fund is intended to fill funding gaps. 

Eligibility Requirements 

A. The supported student is a current GCCIS undergraduate and master’s level student enrolled in a GCCIS program. 

B. The travel funds cannot pay for anyone who has graduated at the time of application to travel. 

C. If the presentation is for a team project, then the team submits one application. Note that only current GCCIS students within the team are eligible to receive travel support from this fund. 

D. These funds cannot be applied retroactively. You must apply for funding before your date of travel (allow at least 2 weeks for application processing). 

E. A student may receive up to $750 in travel funds once per academic year. 

F. Scholarly work should be of the highest quality to be considered for funding and must be refereed or juried. The student must be the primary author. 

II. Application Process 

To apply, provide the following in a clearly written document, electronically submitted in PDF to Lauren Shields, GCCIS Dean’s Office ( 

A. An application that includes the following information: 

1. A title sheet with the project name/title, team member(s), unit & college affiliations. 

2. The title of the conference/event, date(s), and location. 

3. A detailed budget: eligible expenses include conference registration, transportation (including flights, taxi, train, car rental, mileage or gas), accommodations, and meals (alcohol is not an eligible expense). If students are presenting with other students, shared accommodations will be preferred when possible. Include other funding sources, if available. 

4. A copy of or link to the accepted paper or project. 

5. Written evidence that the paper or project was accepted for presentation. 

6. If other funding will also be used, proof of approval for that funding (including a dollar amount) must also be included. This can be in the form of an email from the primary investigator on a grant or a department head. 

B. The application requires a letter of support from a sponsoring faculty member, who can attest to educational benefits of the travel and the high quality of the student work. 

C. Applications will be forwarded to the Department Chair/Director (or designee) of the student’s home department(s). They will review the application and make a recommendation to the Dean. Approval is based on available funds and quality of the submission. In some cases, partial funding may be approved. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

III. Deadlines 

A. Travel support decisions will be made on a case by case basis by the Dean and Associate Deans. Not all applications will be successful in obtaining funding. 

B. Detailed original receipts must be submitted for reimbursement within 2 weeks of travel. Traveler must include evidence of conference attendance (name badge, program, etc.). If a group of students are traveling, all receipts must be submitted at the same time and clearly state which student paid for which expense. 


Approved by Dean Haake: 

October, 2017 

November, 2016 

September, 2015