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Policy on TACCESS paper presentations at the ASSETS Conference


As part of an on-going relationship between TACCESS and the ASSETS conference, papers accepted to TACCESS that have not previously been presented at a conference, can be presented at the ASSETS conference, provided that ASSETS is notified of the papers before the program meeting so those papers can be folded into the program. It is anticipated that at most 3-4 TACCESS papers could be presented as oral presentations; other TACCESS papers may be presented as posters but will clearly be marked at TACCESS papers in the program.

All TACCESS papers which have not previously been presented at a conference and which are accepted during the one-year period of time ending on June 4 before the conference will be considered for presentation. If the authors wish to present the work at ASSETS, they will be given the opportunity to do so. The scheduling of the presentations or posters is totally up to the ASSETS conference chairs.

This on-going relationship with ASSETS is expected to continue for upcoming years of the conference, and additional conferences may be added in future years, according to the policy outlined below.

Proposed policy for adding additional conferences

  1. The chair of a conference community or conference steering committee can send a request to the editors-in-chief of TACCESS indicating a desire for TACCESS papers to be presented at their conference. All such requests from active Assistive Technology and Accessibility communities will be approved. By making this request, the conference, through its community leadership agrees to accept for presentation all TACCESS papers whose topic is appropriate to their conference.
  2. The community or steering committee chair shall provide TACCESS with a liaison person who has the authority to approve a paper as being acceptable content for the conference. This is not a review process. That has already been done by TACCESS. This is simply an approval of suitable content for the conference. This should not require reading the paper, only the title and abstract.
  3. The conference’s TACCESS liaison shall respond immediately to any requests so that in the rare case of a decline of the paper the authors may still present at ASSETS.
  4. The community or steering committee chair shall provide TACCESS with a deadline date that is the same every year. Any paper to be presented at the next iteration of that conference must be accepted and sent to the conference’s TACCESS liaison before that date.
  5. When a TACCESS paper is accepted, the authors should designate which conference they desire to make their presentation (or no conference). Requests for presentation at ASSETS are automatically granted on the assumption that all TACCESS material is acceptable at ASSETS. Requests for presentation at a particular specialized conference must be received by the community’s TACCESS liaison before the deadline.
  6. Once a TACCESS paper has been scheduled into a conference, all discussions about the scheduling of the presentation shall be between the authors and the conference with no further involvement from TACCESS.
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