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RIT Photonics

Adding Services to a Single Reservation in the Web App

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To add FMS Event or RIT Catering Services to a meeting

  • From the Space confirmation page, click Edit this reservation.

  • Or go to My Events and select the event you would like to add services to.

  • Click Add Services


  • Enter room Setup and Teardown details (if applicable)
  • Enter an Event Description
  • To request RIT Catering Services
  • Enter start and end time
    • Type of service (Full or Drop Off)
    • Estimated number of participants
    • Select the checkbox to agree to terms and conditions
    • Select Catering options

*Note: You can only book one service provider at a time.

  • Once selections are complete, scroll to the bottom of the page and enter a 16 digit billing reference number.

  • Click Add Services
  • Select the date(s) you are adding services to. Click Add Services.

To request or add additional RIT Catering and/or FMS Event services or services for another date select Add Services.

  • Select the RIT Catering or FMS service options
  • Click Next Step
  • Select the date(s) you are adding services to. Click Add Services

  • To review service selections, click View Reservation Summary