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Cancelling a Reservation

How to remove your event or cancel a service request from the RIT Events system with Outlook Plugin.

How to Edit a Date/Time of a Reservation

How to make changes to your event after you've previously gotten it approved in Outlook Plugin.

Resolving a Conflict in a Recurring Reservation

How to resolve a conflict with recurring reservations if a room you want to reserve is unavailable in Outlook Plugin. 

Making a Recurring Reservation

Create an event with or without services that takes places repeatedly on certain days of the week, month, or year in EMS Outlook Plugin. 

Making a Single Reservation

How to create an event that takes place on a single date and time in Outlook Plugin and add services to it.

Setting User Defaults

How to set your own personal settings for RIT EMS Outlook Plugin.

Download EMS Room Scheduling Software

Instructions for space owners on how to put RIT EMS Room Scheduling Software on your Windows desktop.