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Desktop Client Troubleshooting

The shortcut that includes (RIT) is the remote app shortcut.

This can happen sometimes when someone is using two monitors, while making a reservation they drag the pop-up window to the other screen and later upon reuse of the link/button that same pop-up will be over on the other screen hidden underneath whatever other windows are open.

Another example is when clicking on the group button, it no longer opens the master list of groups but the list of groups can be seen by starting a reservation. In both cases the fix is in user preferences.

Also happens even if you are not using dual monitors, but are simply docking computers and the setting for the resolution may vary when docking

1) Go to Settings > Preferences – check box for “Do Not Save Window Coordinates.

2) then reset the window coordinates Go to Settings > Preferences > Reset Window Coordinates

Hit Esc (Escape) Click on Settings > Reset Windows Coordinates.

Close the application and reopen it.

 Depending on where the error occurred, your reservation may not have been saved.

Close application and reopen it.

This often occurs if you are connected to EMS database via VPN connection and it drops. Disconnecting from the server for any period of time causes the object reference error to happen. Before logging back on double check your VPN connection is valid.

This is “buffer” time and prevents events from taking place back to back without the scheduler’s permission. The most common place to see these bars is on multipurpose locations where there is a required 2-hour break between events to give any service providers (labor crew, custodial, catering, etc) time to get in re-set the room for the following event.

This time can be adjusted on a case by case basis.

The individuals listed in your group have been populated by RIT’s Human Resources department.  If you believe there is an error, please contact your manager so they can confirm your department assignment with Human Resources.

The Future of RIT Events | Campus Event Management


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