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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Info about RIT Events

No, changes to reservations must be made either using the EMS Outlook plug-in or in the RIT Events web application.



RIT students, representatives of student clubs and organizations, as well as faculty and staff will continue to have access to booking space. All users will be able to access RIT events through a web app, and an Outlook plugin will be available for PC users. Space owners will be able to use a desktop application to manage spaces and reservations.

A request shows your intent to reserve a room, but is subject to approval by the space administrator. Submitting a request does not guarantee it will be approved.

Link to tutorial that is already on our website.

A booking contains details such as the space, time and date of your event or meeting.

A reservation contains a description of the event as well as contact information.

Reservations can have multiple bookings.  For example:

A conference may use multiple rooms

A recurring staff meeting will occur on multiple dates

IMPORTANT FACT: Recurring meetings are a series of bookings linked to one reservation in RIT Events.