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RIT Photonics

How do I learn about the features of a room?

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Once you have been provided a list of available rooms based on your time requirements, you can click on any of the rooms on the list. 

A window will appear with 4 tabs: Room Details, Setup Types, Features, and Availability.  If you click on the Features tab, you can see all the options for that space. 

If you have a long list of potential rooms and you are looking for a specific feature, i.e. Whiteboard, you can narrow down the search.  In the left hand column, there is an option Let Me Search For A Room.  Once you hit the dropdown arrow you can select the Add/Remove option under features.  A list will pop up and you can select as many criteria as you would like.  After selecting Update Features you will need to hit Search to populate the rooms with the specified features.