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RIT Photonics

I cannot find the space I am looking for - how do I find it?

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You have the ability to search by room if you know the name of the room.  In the left hand column, there is an option I Know What Room I Want.  Once you hit the drop down menu, there is a text box to enter the room name.  As you type, you will see a room list filter down to the spaces that match your entry.  NOTE: if you do not know the correct name for the room, it may not populate. 

If you know the room and it still not coming up on the list there are two possibilities. 

  1. The room has already been reserved for your specified date and time.  Try another date and time or look for an alternate space.
  2. The room is not available for you to book at this time.  If you are trying to book an academic space, those rooms are generally available to be requested/reserved for the duration of a term excluding final exams after add/drop of the prior term.