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RIT Photonics

Make Recurring Reservations

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  • Log on to RIT Events with your username and password.
  • Click on Create Reservation
  • Select a reservation template from the options available and click book now (templates are designed for different kinds of bookings. Use the one that best matches your reservation needs (as defined on the site home page). The about button provides rules of the template, these rules are what define the template, for example one template may not let you book out past next day but another one may let you book out space up till a year. Each template has a different set of rules attached to it (refer to the images below).
  • Different user types will have different Reservation Templates for example, faculty and staff will have templates that relate to Academic Space/Non-Academic Space while students will have templates that relate to Recreation Space and Study Rooms. 

  • Select a date and time
    • Enter the date you are searching for (MM/DD/YYY), or click on the calendar icon to select a date from the calendar.
    • Enter the start and end times by either typing in the time requested or by clicking on the clock icons to scroll (additional tip. from the clock icon pop-up, you can click on either hour or minute and select from numbers listed instead of having to scroll).
    • Click on Recurrence
    • Enter your recurrence details and click Apply Recurrence

  • From the list of available rooms, the 2nd column “available” will indicate the number of occurrences that the room is available as compared to the number of recurrences requested. (see below 5/6 means the room is open for 5 out the 6 requested dates).
    • If a room is not available for all selected dates, click on the number in the available column to see which date the room is unavailable.

  • To select a room, click on the blue “+” sign next to the room name, click Next Step, and complete the reservation as outlined in Make a Single Reservation.

Note: Multiple rooms can be reserved if one room in unavailable for all recurring dates.  

  • If you select a room that is not available for all dates of a recurring event, you will see the number of conflicts listed next to that room under Selected Rooms.

  • The list will then show additional rooms that are available for the dates that there is a conflict, or offer you the opportunity to skip those additional dates that a room was not reserved for.
  • To select an additional room to complete the recurrence, click on the blue “+” sign next to the room name.
  • All rooms selected will appear in the “selected rooms” section with the number of occurrences for each room.

To add FMS Event or RIT Catering Services to a meeting

  • From the Space confirmation page, click Edit this reservation.

  • Or go to My Events and select the event you would like to add services to.

  • Click Add Services


  • Enter room Setup and Teardown details (if applicable)

  • To request RIT Catering Services
    • Enter start and end time
    • Type of service (Full or Drop Off)
    • Estimated number of participants
    • Select the checkbox to agree to terms and conditions
    • Select Catering options

*Note: You can only book one service provider at a time.

  • Once selections are complete enter a 24 digit billing reference number.

  •  Note:  The object code automatically defaults to XXXXX.

  • Scroll to the top of the page and click Add Services
  • Select the date(s) you are adding services to. Click Add Services.


To request or add additional RIT Catering and/or FMS Event services or services for another date select Add Services.

  • Select the RIT Catering or FMS service options
  • Click Next Step
  • Select the date(s) you are adding services to. Click Add Services

  • To review service selections, click View Reservation Summary