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RIT Photonics

Making a Single Reservation

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In your Outlook Calendar, begin your appointment as you normally would by adding your invitees, subject, reminders, re-occurrences, attachments, etc before selecting the EMS Room Scheduling Icon. *NOTE – Best practice is to build your entire meeting except for the room first. 

Select the EMS Room Scheduling icon.

Select a room template (this setting will default after the first time selecting)

From the "Schedule View" Tab you will see all available spaces with the capacities listed to the right of the room name.

To select a room, click in the + button next to the room name and you'll be prompted for the next step.

Click the Send button when complete.

The meeting will now display in your Outlook calendar and will be sent to invitees.  *NOTE- Best practice create your room reservation first, then add services!


Now that you have your space you have the ability to add service requests. In your Outlook Calendar open the appointment you wish to add service(s) to: 

Select the EMS Room Scheduling Icon.

At this point you will have the option to add FMS and/or RIT Catering as well as Parking and/or Van Rentals

Services Tab (FMS and RIT Catering Options)

From the Services Tab Enter the following if RIT Catering Services apply:

  • Room Setup and Teardown Time
  • Event Time 
  • Type of Catering Service
  • Number of Particpants 

Add your FMS and/or RIT Catering selections to the "Services Cart".  Be sure to provide any specific details in the "Special Instructions" box


Review selections in your Service Cart. To edit any items in your Service Cart, click on the pencil button. To remove items from your Service Cart, click on the red - icon.

You must complete the Additional Information Tab regardless if Parking and Van Rental Services are needed.

Additional Information Tab (Parking and Van Rental Options)

You will need to provide some essential information for your event on the Additional Information Tab

  • Subject
  • Group
  • Event Type 
  • Billing Reference
  • Provide a detailed Event Description



  • When you have finished adding services, to complete the request click Send Update.
  • Your service request is complete, service providers will send email confirmations.