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RIT Photonics

A space appears available under "Browse" yet it cannot be requested when attempting to schedule it. Why?

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There may be a scheduling policy in the specific building that prevents scheduling the space.  Some buildings are not available on weekends, holidays, or evenings.  A specific room may be specialized and not available for general use.  Some rooms have constraints that prevent you from requesting the space within a certain window prior to the event. 

For example, Wallace Center Study Rooms:

  • Study rooms are located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of The Wallace Center and are available all hours that the building is open.
  • The rooms range in size from small rooms with a seating capacity of 1-3 people to large rooms with a seating capacity of 4-8 people. Larger rooms include a large table and a chalk or white board. Wireless is available in all rooms.
  • You may book up to 2 weeks in advance
  • Reservations cannot exceed 60 minutes
  • You may make up to 4 bookings per day