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The Rochester Fringe Festival is a great place for you to showcase your talent!

One show per form; complete a separate form if you will have more than one show.

All performers must be COVID-19 vaccinated to perform in shows held at RIT-promoted locations. Any member of your show who is not vaccinated will not be able to perform, so please plan accordingly.

Note: All RIT shows must be free to the public.

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Event Details

Check all dates when you want to be scheduled for a performance. We will do our best to schedule you on all days, but if you check a date, you must be available.

If you would like to perform this show on more than one day, check all that apply.



The Little Theatre and RIT City Art Space are RIT venues and performers are covered under RIT insurance.

Show Details


Please enter show title exactly how it should be written for advertising.


Due to cleaning requirements, shows can be no more than 45 minutes in length.






Logistical Needs



IMPORTANT: It is your responsibility to bring all equipment you will need for your performance.




Show Promotional Information

IMPORTANT: A photo for advertising must be emailed to Cate Fox at (Maximum photo size 845 by 573)

For more information, contact Lynn Rowoth, Associate Vice President, Special Events, 585-475-7408;