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The GeneSIS project team is pleased to announce that this week we successfully launched the online admissions application (OAA) portion of RIT’s new enterprise student information system (SIS). Prospective students are now using this portion of the new SIS to apply for admission to RIT. RIT’s three admissions departments—the Undergraduate Admissions Office, Part-time & Graduate Enrollment Services, and NTID Admissions—will now review applications from prospective students submitted via the OAA.

All of the admissions components of the new SIS are now in place. In February RIT also launched the Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) component of the new SIS designed to enhance RIT’s ability to engage prospective students.

The project team is preparing for its fourth major system launch in July which will fully integrate student financial accounts with the new system. Beginning in July, which marks the start of RIT’s new fiscal year, Student Financial Services will use the new SIS to bill students for tuition, fees, room and board. Interfaces from/to other systems such as StarRez (housing and dining), ProSam (financial aid), and Oracle Financials/HR (general ledger, HR tuition waivers, student refunds) will be operational.

Within the next few days, students will be advised to take action to grant parents and other third-parties access to their financial accounts through the new SIS, even if they had access in the previous system. This process will work similar to the way it did in the past, but parents and third parties will now have their own RIT Computer Accounts. More information about this system launch will be available over the next few weeks.

The project team engages representatives from across campus through monthly meetings with our Change Agent Network of over 50 students, faculty, staff, and administrators. We encourage you to direct your input about the project through these groups. We will continue to provide you updates about the project via the GeneSIS website, and if you have any questions or comments about the project, please submit them to the Ask GeneSIS page.

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