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This timeline shows a high level view of when new pieces of the SIS will be introduced. This timeline is subject to change.

  • The first system launch in October 2011 set the foundation for RIT scheduling officers to use the new SIS to build the course catalog and schedule of classes for the the Fall 2012 quarter and future terms. The course catalog and schedule of classes became available for the rest of the campus to view in February 2011.
  • The second launch occured in February 2011 and introduced portions of the system to help RIT’s three admissions offices admit and matriculate the freshman class of 2012 and the new SIS was linked to RIT’s financial aid system, ProSAM.
  • Student records and student financials portions of the SIS launched in April 2012. Students, faculty, advisors, and academic support staff across RIT gained access to the new SIS and students used the new SIS for the first time to enroll in Fall 2012 classes.
  • The fourth launch in July 2012 introduced the student financials portions of the system, allowing students and authorized parents/third parties to use the new SIS to access their student financials accounts.
  • Additional functionality will continue to roll out following the fourth launch. In the 2013 RIT will introduce a new integrated degree audit tool that will allow RIT students to check their progress towards graduation in real time.

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