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GeneSIS Project Vision Statement:

We will implement an enterprise solution that replaces RIT’s student information systems, supports the semester conversion, and sets the foundation to transform our current services into extraordinary capabilities to engage prospective candidates, increase student success, and build lifetime relationships with alumni and other university constituents.

Guiding Principles:

  • Build an enterprise-wide solution: Project choices must support student success.  We will work as a silo-free team since integrated functions must be developed collaboratively across departments and divisions, and result in a single source of “truth” for student lifecycle data.  The necessary training and support will be provided for all staff to be successful in the new environment.
  • View data as an institutional asset:  Information and data are strategic assets that are: commonly defined; electronically captured once at their point of origin; and appropriately shared across the entire institution.  We will establish a collaborative project governance structure that involves faculty, staff, students, and administration who will provide campus and system functional and technical decision-making as appropriate.
  • Strengthen processes to support student success and enhance institutional effectiveness:  Processes will be designed around student success, transformation, and institutional effectiveness, and will be agreed to and documented.  We will maximize the full capabilities of the system to enhance our business and service delivery processes.
  • Strive for little to no customizations:  We will reengineer our processes to take advantage of the built-in “best practices.”   Any request for a customization is subject to a thorough business case review to justify its necessity and will require executive sponsor team approval.
  • Make rapid decisions and communicate transparently:  A decision-making process will be established that is transparent, clearly documented, and takes into account the types of decisions required.  Decisions will be made by the appropriate groups or individual(s).

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