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RIT will build its new student information system using the Oracle Corporation’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions and Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) products. The GeneSIS project team—composed of representatives from across campus—conducted a thorough analysis of SIS software solutions to select the optimal product for RIT. Together we conducted a comprehensive assessment of the top three products for institutions of RIT’s size that included industry-leading architecture, feature richness, full integration, RIT infrastructure fit, and vendor support.

Throughout the evaluation process, the Campus Solutions and CRM products demonstrated superiority as first-class solutions that can be used across campus by the entire RIT community. The product best meets RIT’s needs and requirements due to its robust configurability, state of the art technical infrastructure, and the Oracle Corporation’s ability to continuously invest in product development. The technology integrates with RIT’s existing system architecture and has native security features necessary to secure RIT’s informational assets.

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