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Replacing RIT's legacy system with a new system will provide countless advantages and improve many of RIT's existing business practices. These are just a few of the projected benefits the new SIS will provide:

  • A centralized, cross-departmental database that will enhance reporting capabilities, facilitate the elimination of shadow systems, and provide a “single source of truth” for student information
  • An enhanced course catalog with increased add/drop functionality, pre-requisite checking, capability, and improved course availability
  • New early alert tools to help advisors identify risk factors for dropout
  • The ability to dramatically reduce RIT's paper footprint and move a significant number of paper forms online
  • Recruiting and admissions components that will provide our offices with new tools to quickly adapt to changing market dynamics
  • More self-service capabilities to increase the productivity of the system’s end users
  • 24/7 access to the system

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