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RIT CIMS Louise Slaughter Building Conference
RIT CIMS Louise Slaughter Building Conference
RIT CIMS Louise Slaughter Building Conference
RIT CIMS Louise Slaughter Building Conference

Golisano Institute for Sustainability maintains a spacious 10-room, 400-seat training and conference center with smart capabilities. This area is available for employee training, industry outreach, professional conferences and meetings, regional and local community forums, and other educational activities. The CIMS Conference Center is located in Louise Slaughter Hall (Building 78) on the RIT campus.

Please follow the instructions below to reserve space in the conference center. If you have any questions you may also contact us by telephone at 585-475-2687.

Access the RIT Events reservation system. Click the "Affiliated Login" button and log in to RIT Events with your RIT account credentials.

If you do not have an RIT account, please call us at 585-475-2687 for details on how to reserve the conference center.

CIMS Reservation - Step 2
#2: Create a Reservation

Click the "Create a Reservation" button to start your reservation request.

CIMS Reservation - Step 3
#3: Request Slaughter Hall or Sustainability Institute

Under "My Reservation Templates," find "Request Slaughter Hall or Sustainability Institute" and click the "book now" button directly across from it.

CIMS Reservation - Step 4
#4: Search for Availability

Under Date & Time, enter the date and time you would like to book the space for. Then, click the "Search" button. A time chart should appear listing the rooms that are available for booking.

CIMS Reservation - Step 5
#5: Select Your Room(s)

Rooms 2210, 2220, 2230, and 2240 are all part of the large conference center, and can be utilized as one large space, or sectioned off into separate rooms. If all four rooms are utilized, the space can hold up to 240 people, depending on the setup type. Take a look at the capacity listed next to the room name to see the maximum capacity of that room.

In addition to the primary conference rooms, two smaller rooms are available for use for small conferences and seminars. Rooms 2120 and 2130 can each hold 21 people in a classroom-style setup. They do not connect to each other or to the larger conference space.

To book your space, find the room option that best suits your capacity needs, and click the "+" mark next to the room's name. In the pop-up window, enter the number of expected attendees and select your preferred setup type, then click "Add Room".

CIMS Reservation - Step 6
#6: Proceed to Next Page

Click the "Next Step" button at the top right of the page to proceed.

#7: Enter Event and Setup Times

Click the arrow next to "Setup/Teardown/Event Time". You will see options for Room Setup Time, Event Start Time, Event End Time, and Room Teardown Time; click each and enter the respective times in the pop-up window, then click "OK". Setup and teardown times allow you time to access the room before and after your event to set up your presentation, greet attendees, etc. Make sure you have enough time entered for your needs.

CIMS Reservation - Step 8
#8: Proceed to Next Page

Click the "Next Step" button at the top right of the page to proceed.

CIMS Reservation - Step 9
#9: Enter Your Reservation Details

Fill out the form on the page with your event details and your contact information. Your contact information will not be shared publicly, but may be used to contact you for clarification on your request or in case of issues that occur during setup.

#10: Submit Your Reservation Request

Click the "Create Reservation" to submit your reservation request. Your request will be reviewed by an administrator and you will be contacted if and when it is approved.