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NexPress Substrate Qualification Program

Effective April 2017 Kodak, in partnership with Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), has developed a new substrate testing protocol for the Kodak NexPress Platform that expands the overall capability of the testing program.


PAPER BUYERS DEPEND ON TESTING TO ASSURE QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE. With over 10,000 unique visits per year to RIT’s web-based substrate listings, printers depend on third-party qualifications. Qualified substrates provide assurance of quality performance and allow for fast installation of the substrate set-points into the NexPress DFE.

KODAK HAS NAMED RIT AS THE OFFICIAL WORLDWIDE QUALIFICATION PARTNER. Launched in 2000, Nexpress has over 1,000 presses installed worldwide in over 54 countries. The average NexPress runs over 500,000 impressions per month with some customers printing over 100,000,000 pages since install.

QUALIFIED PAPERS WILL BE PROMOTED TO RIT’S DATABASE. RIT will exclusively host the listing of NexPress substrates which will include access to those substrate script files. New qualifications will be routinely announced through industry PR channels and awareness campaigns (newsletters, blogs) to the RIT database of over 8,300 industry contacts.



Old Program

New Program Advantages

Simple Pass or Fail

Star rating system will distinguish higher performing paper grades on both fusing quality and runnability

Full certification required for all unique paper weights

Entire families of substrates can be qualified by testing the low, middle, and high weights of a paper grade thus extending the qualification to all substrate weights in between those tested through interpolation

Qualifications could not be made for certain larger and thicker papers -- size was limited to 12” x 18” / 305 - 460mm sheets and a maximum of 400μ thickness

Larger (up to 14”x 48” / 356 - 1,219mm) and thicker (up to 610μ) sheet capability is now supported through the qualification process

Qualification limited to single grain direction testing

Optional concurrent testing of both grain directions of a sheet, eliminating variability caused by trimming of larger sheets

Limited or no ability to qualify unique substrates

Periodic additions to the qualification procedures will continue for special substrates such as die-cuts or synthetics, multiple colors of a base substrate, textures,  and special toner applications

Pricing & Basic Requirements

Single Qualification $1,800 per substrate
Dual Grain Qualification
(Same Grade, Long & Short Grain)
$2,400 per substrate
Interpolated Qualification $300 per substrate
Number of Sheets Required for Qualification
(Per each grade and grain combination)
Sheet Size Recommended for Qualification
(Size tolerance should not exceed +/- 1mm)
11” x 17” - 14” x 20”
280mm x 432mm – 356mm x 508mm
Acceptable Sheet Thickness Range Natural: 50 - 610µm
PET: 50 - 350 µm
PVC: 50 - 315µm
PP: 50 - 235µm
Acceptable Uncoated Substrate Grammage Range 59 - 352 gsm
Acceptable Coated Substrate Grammage Range 80 - 352 gsm
Additional Testing

In addition to substrate qualification, PAL also supports customized evaluations on the Kodak NEXPRESS; this can include, but is not limited, to:

  • Adhesion Evaluation
  • Runnability Evaluation
  • Image Quality Evaluation
  • Benchmarking Samples
  • Complaint Validation

Paper testing not related to Kodak NEXPRESS qualification is billed at the PAL hourly rate of $365 per hour. A quote will be provided estimating the costs of testing, machine setup, maintenance, and materials.

Primary Contact 
For any questions related to the Kodak NEXPRESS qualification proceedure please send an e-mail to John Dettmer

Additional Information 

For more information on testing proceedure and deliverables of the Kodak NEXPRESS Digital Production Color Press Substrate Qualification Program, please click on the press or the link below.

RIT Kodak NEXPRESS Supplemental Information

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