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Material Use, Substitution, Risk Mitigation, and Reduction

Materials are the life blood of manufacturing. Materials also have a significant energy footprint (embodied energy), in some cases have limited supply relative to demand, and also can cause environmental impacts when improperly disposed of. Better management of materials across the lifecycle of manufactured products can reduce the cost and environmental impacts as well as reducing supply risks. GIS undertakes applied research and development focused on reducing material impacts through: more efficient designs and manufacturing processes, material substitution, and material recovery and reuse. Additionally, GIS researchers are developing improved methods to evaluate material scarcity and toxicity in clean energy products.

Areas of Expertise

  • Materials baseline studies
  • Lifecycle Assessment, Design and Engineering
  • Product sustainment and remanufacturing
  • Condition Assessment
  • Materials Aging and Restoration
  • Integrated Health Monitoring
  • Sustainable Design Methodologies

Some of Our Partners

REMADE Institute | ONR | Ellen MacArthur Foundation