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Sustainable Business Practices & Purchasing

Research and education that assists in the development of sustainable office products and business practices worldwide, including helping product manufacturers to find innovative solutions for product design, manufacturing and packaging that reduce environmental impacts are critically important to shaping the future of sustainable office products and business processes. GIS researchers lead a public working research lab and test bed for sustainable products, processes, and packaging with a focus on the office environment. The team also leads efforts to engage communities and partners to increase public training and acceptance of sustainable business products and practices.

Areas of Expertise

  • Raw material choices and designs for products and packaging
  • Manufacturing, supply chain, and reverse logistics
  • Retail store and warehouse distribution design
  • Customer and employee engagement and awareness building

Featured Partner: Staples

“The Staples Innovation Lab is a way for researchers and students to develop a product that will benefit the greater good.”
 – Mark Buckley, vice president of environmental affairs for Staples

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