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Transportation & Interconnected Smart City Systems

The transportation industry is striving toward a more connected and intelligent transportation system. Integration and interconnection is critical to enable “smart cities” and sustainable cities and communities. Additionally, the transition from the “mono-culture of petroleum, to a robust and sustainable mobility infrastructure will require utilization of a diverse combination of propulsion technologies and fuels. GIS provides a broad set of technology development and systems analysis expertise to enable a transition to more sustainable transportation systems. GIS has extensive experience in alternate transportation fuels and vehicle technologies, as well as transportation fleet maintenance and management, and smart transportation systems technologies and associated analytics.

Areas of Expertise

  • Technology development for sustainable transportation systems and supporting complex interconnected smart city systems including:
    • Communications, telematics, and analytical tools to optimize passenger and freight movements
    • Integration of instrumented and intelligent vehicles in a Smart Cities framework
    • Transportation system maintenance and operations management systems
  • Environmental and economic impact analysis of different alternative fuel and propulsion technologies on the U.S. public transportation system
  • Vehicle and infrastructure technologies to support alternative and low impact fuels—biodiesel, ethanol, fuel cells, hydrogen, and electric and hybrid technologies

Some of Our Partners

NYSERDA | Monroe County | RGRTA | Town of Brighton, NY | US DOT | US EPA

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