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SSIL & GIS collaborate with Staples on sustainability video  A new video that illustrates the importance of sustainable purchasing decisions, explaining through animation how it matters for people to buy “green” products and how those decisions can impact the environment has been produced in part by the Staples Sustainable Innovation Lab and sponsored by the Golisano Institute for Sustainability with funding from Staples Inc. The two-minute video, titled “small choices, Big Impact,” can be viewed on YouTube through links here. It was developed to help educate viewers on the broad topic of sustainability and the significance of their everyday purchases. “We want to demonstrate to people how their purchases have a critical impact on the world around us,” said Brian Hilton, GIS senior staff engineer and director of SSIL who worked closely on the video with Patricia Donohue, senior engineer and Sustainable Supply Chain Program manager at the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute, a GIS research center. Hilton said the video and several more planned for the future will provide an engaging way to educate and inform about making sustainable choices. “Most of us look at sustainability and see such a large issue and ask, ‘what’s my impact on the planet?'” he said. “All of us working together really can make a difference.” For background information on “small choices, Big Impact”, read or download the RIT news release available here. (video screenshot by RIT Production Services)


Staples Lab featured at Imagine RIT! Thousands of visors to the annual Imagine RIT innovation and festival on May 3 toured the Golisano Institute for Sustainability' new Sustainability Hall and became acquainted with the Staples Sustainable Innovation Laboratory. RIT’s sustainability efforts were showcased across campus, but especially inside the GIS building, where visitors picked up “sustainability passports” at each entrance. The passports led visitors on a fun scavenger hunt during which they could solve clues and learn about significant research being performed by students, faculty and staff at GIS. At each stop in the self-guided tour, guests could get their passports stamped while discovering alternative energy and fuel cells, solving “the case of the missing e-waste,” seeing how electronics are shredded for recycling and material recovery, and how falling water can be used to generate energy. Guests finished up the scavenger hunt at the Staples lab, where they learned about what makes office products more sustainable and completed their passports so they could enter a drawing to win a new tablet computer. The accompanying photo shows tablet drawing winner ___________ (left) with GIS Director Dr. Nabil Z. Nasr. (photo by Brian Hilton)


GIS honors Staples' Michael Kent The Staples Sustainable Innovation Laboratory honored the late Michael Kent, Director of Staples Product Design & Innovation, in a ceremony in Sustainability Hall held November 14, 2013. With members of the Kent family and Staples employees in attendance, GIS Director Dr. Nabil Nasr noted that Kent was a key factor in ensuring the Staples lab was part of the new GIS building. He said that Kent was passionately devoted to planning "greenness" in design, to making things better for the planet without sacrificing the "coolness" factor. "Michael will always challenge us to “look at things differently” for the betterment of the planet and future generations," concluded Dr. Nasr. RIT students created a large mural in honor of Michael Kent on the wall facing the entrance to the lab. (photo by Laura W. Nelson)

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