Ricardo Carrion '21

Like many perspective RIT students, Ricardo Carrion ’21 was anxious to hear if he had been admitted to the university. He was not prepared for the surprise that awaited him in his acceptance letter.

“I was ecstatic and in a little bit of disbelief when I found I was a Destler-Johnson Rochester City Scholar,” said Ricardo. “I was nervous, at first, about getting in, but then to get the full scholarship on top of it made my day.”

Ricardo had wanted to attend RIT from the moment he stepped foot on campus during a tour. He not only loved the welcoming environment, but also the academic programs offered. This was especially important for Ricardo who wants to combine his two passions, chemistry and computing, into a career.

The first-year Chemistry major hopes to become a computational chemist, which uses chemical theories and principles to model experiments on the computer before attempting them in the lab, saving scientists time and resources. Ricardo would ultimately like to become a professor in the field.

Although he has been on campus for just a few weeks, Ricardo already credits RIT for broadening his view of chemistry, having had the ability to explore his knowledge during lab work. And, he has also enjoyed the welcoming environment he first experienced during his tour.

“People on campus are so nice, respectful, and helpful,” Ricardo said. “You can see this in all the cultural clubs on campus, like the Asian Cultural Society, Latin American Student Association, and Muslim Student Association, all of which I’ve taken part in.”

Ricardo is thankful for the donors who have made the opportunity to attend his dream school as a Destler-Johnson Rochester City Scholar a reality.

“RIT’s donors have opened the door for me to go to one of the best schools in the nation and go further in life,” said Ricardo. “There’s really no words describe how that feels. I will always be grateful.”

image of Ricardo Carrion '21 In front of a tree